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Letter from the Superintendent

Welcome students, parents, family and friends to another exciting school year! The students and staff returned with great enthusiasm even during the extremely hot days of August.

We are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated administrators, classroom teachers, classroom support, office support, maintenance and custodial staff, bus drivers, and food service personnel ready to support the wonderful students in Old Orchard Beach, Saco, and Dayton. In my many years in education, I am always amazed by the dedication demonstrated by our professional teaching staff. They work extremely hard to meet the needs of our diverse population; putting students first.


Also, in my many years in education, I continually hear the pundits of public education questioning almost every aspect of its effectiveness. I believe such pundits generalize some of the national difficulties that exist throughout the country as if they exist in each and every school system throughout our nation. Does public education need to improve in the 21st Century? Of course. Do students need new and evolving 21st Century skills to be successful in this new age? Of course. Our education system continues to improve in many areas.

RSU #23 is committed to continuous improvement. We enjoy a K-8 public school system with both a public and private high school. We recognize the importance of each high school’s contribution and will work hard to support and nurture their development.

In closing, I share with you how proud I am of the graduates of Old Orchard Beach High School and Thornton Academy. After meeting some of these students, it becomes quite obvious that our system is developing caring and respectful leaders for the future that lies ahead. We should all be proud.

Please continue to be involved in your child’s education. We welcome your participation and input.


Michael Lafortune, Superintendent of Schools

Curriculum and Instruction


The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction team is to promote the best possible learning experiences for our students by providing support, guidance and direction to the many educators in our district. We are here to help, so please feel free to contact us!

The RSU23 Advisory Council (AC) coordinates the district level curriculum decisions, including giving recommendations for levels of funding for curriculum efforts and professional development. District Curriculum Design Teams seek approval from AC for district level curriculum efforts, including funding for professional development activities and curriculum materials.

The Advisory Council is composed of two teacher representatives and an administrative representative from each school, as well as representatives from central office administrators and the school board.

Operations Office

28 Jameson Hill Road Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064 (see map)
(207) 934-5751 - Fax (207) 934-1917

The Operations Office is located in the former Old Orchard Beach Superintendent’s Office or what we refer to as the “White House”. However, our responsibilities encompass the entire RSU #23 District of Dayton, Old Orchard Beach and Saco. image The areas of operation include Building Maintenance, Custodial, Grounds, Transportation, Technology, Food Service and Special Education Services. In addition, our Director of Operations is housed here for student and / or personnel issues.

Special Services

RSU #23 has a duty to locate, evaluate and identify any child residing in the District or attends a private school with the district who qualifies for Special Education services or Section 504 accommodations or services.

Children eligible for special education include those children with disabilities who have autism, deaf-blindness, developmental delay, emotional-behavior disability, hearing impairment, mental disability, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, specific learning disability, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, or developmental delay and who, because of such an impairment, need special education services.


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Superintendent’s Office
90 Beach Street, Saco, Maine 04072
(207) 284-4505 - Fax (207) 284-5951

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